Dear Breeders

Recently, we have seen the spread of new and sophisticated feeding techniques for our birds, aimed both at improving the quality of the food and at its diversification, but above all at the ease distribution and the correct hygiene of the food inside the feeders. S.T.A. has created in World Premiere, the new generation of POP AIR feeders which, thanks to the holes placed on the bottom, allows perfect ventilation of food and seeds, extending their duration by 30%, avoiding the formation of mildew and bacterial proliferation, thus safeguarding the health of your animals.

new design pop-air

Pop Air System by S.T.A.




Feeding Innovation

This innovation meets the spread of new and sophisticated feeding techniques, such as Germix or the countless unique meals, pearls, traditional egg-food and mixtures of seeds, which placed in traditional feeders, often undergo rapid deterioration due to lack of ventilation.

Our POP AIR feeders are also very useful for the distribution of grains with a high content of powders, as the holes facilitate their dispersion.

Close to nature and animals

Different models and features

Suitable for food use

Design Made in S.T.A.

+ 1 %
Seeds duration
Made in Italy

POP Air Line

Art. M153 Top 4 Air

Created in cooperation with the Germix Technical Staff, for the correct distribution of germinating agents, it offers the possibility of distributing two kind of foods separately. On the bottom the special holes for a proper ventilation.

Thanks to the creators of Germix for their collaboration.

Art. M123 Astra Air

Universal plastic feeder with sifter bottom for the correct ventilation of food.

Art. M146 Mini Smart Air

The medium-sized feeder, one of the most used for the distribution of egg-food, equipped with holes for the correct ventilation.

Art. M122 Titti Air

The best known and most widespread feeder for the distribution of egg-food, equipped with holes for the correct ventilation.

Art. M125 Venere Air Pop

After the success of the “M025” model, we propose a new version, easier to clean thanks to the greater roundness.

We have increased the grid spacing to preserve the crest of larger subjects. In addition, we have  inclined the slats in the grid, to prevent birds from perching and sleeping, dirtying the food.

Among the novelties, an area has been set up in the lower part of the feeder to place a strip of the anti-mite tape (optional).

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