SAN VALENTINO 2018 – The breakfast Market!

The 13th Edition of San Valentino Show will be held in Reggio Emilia on February the 11th 2018.

Here we are! With the 13th Edition of San Valentino Show, we are at the last bird show before the cove season. It is another opportunity for the exchange and for the market of equipments, animal feeds, medical devices, etc. As in previous editions, also this year the event will take place during the morning.

All our products will be available at the booth of our distributor “Il Mercatino di Nezir”.

For more information, please visit the official website of  S.O.R. Società Ornitologica Reggiana.

Regolamento_San Valentino_2018

Ornithology World Championship

S.T.A. Soluzioni waits for you!

Here we come to a new event: the 66th of Ornithology World Championship hosted by the beautiful city of Cesena.
The World Show is the main event of the Confederation Ornighologique Mondiale organized at the end of the ornithological year and in preparation of the new breeding season.
S.T.A. Soluzioni is waiting for you!

La gabbia che trasforma gli uccelli in opere d'arte